About Us

The Story Begins

Saint Creative was founded by two of the most un-creative human beings on earth. 

An odd start for a creative content agency you may say? Yes, it wasn’t ‘traditional’, but surely to stand out from the crowd in an ever-burgeoning economy something had to be done a little differently.

The company was started by Thomas Hadley (‘gracing’ this page  to the left) and Sheldon Vibert. One the owner of a successful IT company, the other a National Business Manager for an Electronics giant. 

The pieces came together

Having worked together on numerous projects over the years the same conversation kept resurfacing.

The need for their clients to have access to quality, fast, market applicable content that was malleable and flexible enough to react to market trends without the process being tied up in the administrative red tape attached to large advertising and marketing companies. 

Thomas has employed the model of customer partnership to the business which has served so well in the IT industry. He ensures that not just a service is delivered, but a partnership formed where Saint Creative and their clients go on a journey together.  This allows Saint Creative to know the WHY of each customer which in turn enables them deliver a higher quality of content and consultancy. 

The complete picture

Sheldon’s commercial acumen is second to none. 

Working as a conduit between Saint Creatives creative team and clients he firmly believes in listening first and speaking second. Business minded, Sheldon understands that any dollar spent needs to see multiple dollars back in return and whilst Thomas may get carried away with helping brands take over the world Sheldon helps keep everyone grounded and on task. 

But how do Saint Creative do it?  If neither of the owners are creative professionals themselves? Well, this is the clever part.   Saint Creative currently have 16 Creative Professionals on their books, each with their own specialties and personal preferences.